"Roof rat extermination  Auckland CBD "

The roof rat is the most common rat in Auckland.  Roof rats or "roofies" are medium sized rats, slender and very good at jumping and climbing. Before humans they lived in trees. But along came warm dry houses that touched their trees, and given they opportunity they decided to move in.

Roofies are found in ceiling spaces commonly, but frequent under houses and in walls as well. 

As they are shy they just as keen to avoid you as you them! They are however a risk for damage and can chew pipes resulting in significant damage. All rats can potentially carry fatal and incurable diseases. 


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House Mouse removal Central Auckland

If you have mice it's just a matter of time before they make you and your family ill. 

The house mouse is a excellent climber and will be up on your kitchen bench at night when you are asleep. This eventually results in disease transfer. 

Further they are destructive and if you are running a business the resultant loss in stock can be very expensive. 

Rat removal East Coast Bays Auckland  

How does ACES | Rodents get rid of my rats?

In 2016 ACES pest control attended the NPMA conference in Seattle USA and completed Dr Bobby Corrigan's  course on rodent control.

Dr Corrigan is leading expert in the USA ( maybe the world too)  for urban rodent pest control. The course was standing room only! 

Dr Corrigans method of rodent control starts with inspection. Inspection is the corner stone of the pest control industry.

Once an inspection is completed your rodents can be safely and effectively controlled. 



Commercial customers

Business managers know that Rodents means the loss of valuable stock and possible business disruption. Businesses with warehouses need a plan to keep rodents from disrupting their business. With the correct plan in place, rodents ever get the chance to get established and disrupt your business. 

For more information on commercial pest control please click HERE 

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