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Rat extermination west auckland "ACES pest control deals with rodents in Auckland on a daily basis. We find that while mice are predictable, rats are not. This they look at each house or business and assess their approach for each situation. Only when they have the situation that suits them ( meaning the owner can't get them!) then they invade your home. As a result ACES bases its treatments following an inspection for rats to ensure we are successful. Rat are intelligent! Pays to hire a Professional Pest Control company that can take the time to access your situation. Here is an article from the States that hints at how smart rats can be...."   Rats get a bad rap Yes, okay, they're unkillable, disease-ridden fleabags who occasionally, uh, eat people alive. But they're also intelligent, highly empathetic and surprisingly relatable little critters who probably enjoyed Ratatouille just as much as you did. And now, one murine resident of Washington DC has shown they can be safety-conscious members of the community as well. Last summer, a condo building in the District was evacuated after a fire alarm sounded. But, strangely, there was no fire  so what happened? A glitch? A noisy consequence of the ongoing climate apocalypse? No  it was a rat. Caught red-pawed on security footage, the little guy literally jumped onto the alarm from a nearby handrail and pulled it down, setting off the siren. It is, however, unknown at this point whether the rat was pulling a prank or simply being overcautious. Washington DC has a long history with havoc-causing rodents  in 1967 a single rat left a third of the District without power for 45 minutes after it chewed through the wires of a local power station. And despite the local government's inventive range of weapons in the "eternal war" between rat and human, their numbers have only grown in recent years. This particular mischief-maker, however, has won hearts on Twitter thanks to his can-do, safety-conscious attitude.   Naturally, people couldn't help comparing the #FireAlarmRat to his spiritual predecessor, the original rodent sensation that was Pizza Rat. Seen by many as embodying the plucky, determined, and above all pizza-loving soul of New York, Pizza Rat went viral back in 2015 after thousands of people watched him do what we'd all do if we found a slice bigger than our entire bodies: dragging that badboy home on the subway for dinner.   So spare a thought for rats. They might be dirty, but they're also safety-conscious, pizza-loving goofballs who love tickles. And that whole black death thing? That was probably just a misunderstanding. After all, how can you stay mad at a critter who literally lives in a group collectively called a mischief? edited from an article by Katie Spalding from

Mice control DIY tips
pest control auckland mice   ACES pest control finds that mice are year round problem in Auckland. 2016 and 2017 there have been more mice then rats. Mice are destructive often chewing electrical wires and sometimes high pressure mains plastic pipe resulting in major floods and $100 000.00s of damage. We have have around five customers call in with significant floods this year. Here is another point of view from Emily. Please read and enjoy.      HOUSE mice can be a nightmare for home owners who find them in their property. Do you know how to get rid of mice? What does a mouse eat? How do you trap them and what traps should you use? Do you know how to spot droppings?   House mice invade you home and eat your food, making it dirty and unpleasant to live in. However, do you know how to spot mice and how to get rid of them?   There are various signs of mice to look out for.   The first and most obvious sign is droppings. Mice should leave around 50 to 80 droppings per night.   How to spot mice droppings Rentokill describes mouse droppings as being around three to eight inches in length.   Mice do not defecate in corners or in a pattern like some animals, so you can expect to find them scattered all over the house.   What’s more, droppings could be hidden in a number of places, including in cupboards, above cupboards and along skirting boards. Droppings can be light brown or dark brown in colour depending on how long they have been there    Rat droppings are larger, from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch long - so if you find these you have a larger problem on your hands.      Get rid of mice: The signs of house mice - what does a mouse eat and how to trap them? What other signs of mice are there? Other signs of mice include creasy marks on the floor and bottoms of the walls - as mice tend to stick to the sides of rooms.   There is also the strong smell of urine, as mice urinate very often.   Scratching noises are also a signs that mice may well be living in your property.     Get rid of mice: What do mice eat?   Mice are thought tone very fond of cheese, however, it is not a staple of their diet and also not the most effective food to catch them with.   In fact, ACES a pest control company, claim peanut scent may well be a better lure for the small, furry animals.   Aside from this yummy treat, mice also like to grains, fruit, and seeds, so you may well catch them nibbling on your cereal.   While it seems that mice may eat cardboard and paper, they only chew these items to make comfy nests.       Traps are the most efficient ways to get rid of mice that are living in your home.   Website How To Get Rid of Mice recommends using electric shock traps, which they claim are humane, or a live trap that allows air to circulate through the trap.   Position a trap near where the mice seem to live, and also being new furniture.    How do you prevent mice returning?   The best way to prevent mice coming back is keeping your food in sealed containers at all times, to prevent mice rummaging through your cupboards.   Sealing of entrances to the house will also help keep mice at bay.       ACES pest control agrees with Emily that you should take steps to rodent proof house. Mice come from two areas in a house. Where there is an "under the house" e.g. Villa they come up from under the house via the travelling on top of the plumbing. Where the house is on a concrete slab they come in via the attached garage. All successful pest control treatments start with an inspection. ACES offers free rodent proofing advise following our inspection     modified from  EMILY HODGKIN article       for more information on  services offered by ACES pest control please click here for our services for rodents please click here for services for ants please click here and for cockroaches please click here