Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Frequently asked questions. These are questions that you have about ACES | rodents getting rid of your rats or mice.

The key to pest controlling rodents is to work out three key areas that they trust. ACES rodents inspects your house or business to work out what the rodents are doing, and makes a plan from there. When we have found these key areas we apply control(s) in a safe method. A safe method is to exclude you, your family and your pets.

There two main forms of control. The first is professional grade bait. Professional grade bait drives the rodents outside to seek water and they never make it back inside your house. The second is snap traps. Snap traps kill one rodent per trap at a time. They need to be cleared each time.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete an inspection and rodent treatment. It takes around two weeks for the rodents to accept the treatment and leave the dwelling. Snap traps take a week to be accepted. From there it depends of number of rats and traps set.

YES. As long as there is access we will go into the ceiling space. We go where the rats are. Mostly that also includes under the house too.

NO. Rodents hoard food. They sometimes drop it when moving it around. They can drop it into areas where you, your family and pets are. If we use professional grade bait, EITHER in a LOCKED station OR we make sure it is secure and can not be moved.

Some companies charge again if they come back. At ACES | rodents you only pay once. We have our Silver Bullet guarantee. You paying for no rats, and we work until this is achieved.

Perhaps our customers can answer that question. See what REAL customers are saying about us on www.nocowboys.co.nz. A trusted site by kiwis to find good tradesmen.

YES. We have been certified and field tested by the EPA. We also have a degree in Science from Victoria University ( Wellington). And we passed an audit by the Department of Labour. FInally we attended Pest Control conferences, with the most recent being the NMPA annual meeting in Seattle in 2016.